Trees Understood are based in Brighton, only 10 miles away from Burgess Hill, which makes it incredibly easy for us to reach you and help you with your trees. Set up by Carlos Daly in 2005, Trees Understood is a team of 3 qualified arborists, with Carlos Daly himself having 23 years of arboriculture experience.

Carlos’ experience is worldwide, having worked in countries as far away as Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and before founding Trees Understood he also managed the largest domestic tree company in London. Alongside his hard working team, Carlos’ breadth of experience and wealth of knowledge about tree and plant health makes Trees Understood a company that can be relied on to live up to its name.

Every job is quoted, carried out and finished with the involvement of Carlos himself, so that quality control and Carlos’ footprint are present in every task, no matter how big or small. With the team’s dedication and strong work ethic, every job is performed with an expert level of service and understanding of the work involved.

We offer services for crown thinning, reduction and lifting, as well as pollarding and tree felling or planting. Our knowledge and experience also makes us excellent tree consultants if information is all you need.

Don’t hesitate to call for a free quote and/or advice.

Call now on 01273 559 727 or 07789 634 045