See some excellent photos of our work:

Ash flowers
It’s nearly Wisteria o clock ..
A big son of a Beech
The good old 5 tonne farm jack method for stump removal
Flammulina velutipes ( Velvet shank ) found on a Lime tree in Stanmer Park today
If you want your garden to smell of jasmine/ Gardenia in January, plant Sarcacocca πŸ‘Œ
Ropetastic today
Me darlings at my mums birthday . Great gathering
Not a bad spread on out 1st job 😳
All we need is a fairy
Post storm beach combing finds
My new kitchen worktop made expertly by Dan at Wood whispers from a Yew tree we felled 3 years ago . A gorgeous purple hew running through 2 of the planks I think caused by ferrous metal staining due to nails
Red maple autumn colour down my road πŸ‘Œ
Caucasian Wingnut autumn colour in Preston park πŸ‘Œ
Wood chopping game changer