See some excellent photos of our work:

Handkerchief tree in Stanmer Park 👌
First log candle of the season.
Some obvious and some not so
Squirrel damage on a Poplar
A banger of an Azalea where we were  working to day
Our trainee Jude chogging down a 60ft dead Larch today … good work Jude 👌
Beautiful flowers from a Likiang Spruce native to western China that people rarely see as they’re always on the upper reaches of the canopy 90ft up
Ash flowers
It’s nearly Wisteria o clock ..
A big son of a Beech
The good old 5 tonne farm jack method for stump removal
Flammulina velutipes ( Velvet shank ) found on a Lime tree in Stanmer Park today
If you want your garden to smell of jasmine/ Gardenia in January, plant Sarcacocca 👌
Ropetastic today