Trees continue to grow as long as they have access to enough sunlight, nutrients and water. Sometimes, this means that a tree will need regular pruning in order to ensure it doesn’t outgrow its available space.

One of the preferred methods to do this is crown reduction. Crown reduction helps the tree to maintain a natural shape whilst simultaneously reducing its size. There are several reasons to have the crown of a tree reduced:

  • Increase light penetrating the canopy
  • Space concerns
  • Safety concerns

It is common these days for there to be several sets of overhead wires around most houses, and it can be very dangerous to allow a tree to grow into these cables. Crown reduction will ensure that the tree does not connect with these wires, reducing fire hazards and interference.

There can also be concerns with regards to wind. Especially in coastal areas like Brighton crown reduction is important because it makes trees less likely to be caught up and blown over in strong winds.

At Trees Understood we can crown reduce a tree so that it still looks natural whilst allowing more light into surrounding areas.

For more information about crown reduction including free quotes, get in touch with Trees Understood today.

Silver birch tree before crown reduction Silver birch tree after crown reduction

Before: Silver birch tree crown reduction

After: Silver birch tree crown reduction