Dead Wooding

As trees grow, mature and age, some limbs will naturally  die off as it becomes un- economical for the tree to hold on to them . This is a completely natural process but in an urban environment where there are high target areas ie pedestrians, traffic & buildings these dead branches need to be removed from a safety perspective. As they begin to rot and come away from the tree, the area around the tree becomes hazardous and there is a  risk of falling dead wood.

Dead wooding is the process of selectively removing the dead, dying and damaged branches from the tree. This provides numerous benefits:

  • Increases the safety of the area surrounding the tree
  • Reduces the amount of material which can encourage insect infestation or the spread of diseases.
  • Maintains the aesthetic appeal of the tree

We at Trees Understood are however well aware of the ecological benefits of dead wood within trees. We will assess whether the deadwood needs to be removed as sometimes it can be retained without posing a risk to the public.