Often bad weather, strong winds and other effects can leave an otherwise perfectly healthy, safe tree as a messy disaster waiting to happen. Loose, broken or torn branches might be just about ready to fall, which is a definite hazard when people walk near the tree. Perhaps branches have already fallen, and there’s nothing you can do with them, especially on short notice. In these and similar situations, Trees Understood are always ready to lend a hand.

We will remove any hazardous tree limbs in a safe way, ensuring that the tree will stay as healthy as possible. Where branches have already fallen and debris is left behind, we’ll be able to remove the clutter and advise you on the state of your tree; just because the rest of the branches have stayed on for now, it doesn’t mean they’re definitely safe.

Often when people try to perform this sort of surgery on trees themselves they can end up making matters worse. Either the shock of removing branches can harm or even kill the tree, or as a result of the operation, more limbs are damaged or otherwise become unsafe. This is why it’s important to call an expert. We have decades of experience in tree surgery, so we know how to keep trees safe without harming them or anyone around them.

If you have a damaged tree that needs urgent attention, don’t hesitate to call. The longer that a branch stays hanging, the more likely it is to fall!