Newhaven has a wonderful mix of coastal and countryside scenery that makes it a beautiful town to live in, visit or even just pass through from the ferry. To keep it looking great, Brighton-based Trees Understood want to help you maintain and look after your trees.

Although Carlos Daly only started the company in 2005, his experience of arboriculture extends much further back than that, and he has offered his tree surgery services all over the world. With 23 years of experience, Carlos has worked in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and before founding Trees Understood also managed the largest domestic tree company in London.

Along with his team of qualified arborists, Carlos offers personal involvement in every job that Trees Understood performs, quoting, carrying out and finishing every job himself. This means that for any job you need doing, not matter how big or small, Carlos’ personal expertise will come with it.

The team at Trees Understood consists of 3 dedicated and professional tree surgeons who genuinely care for trees. Alongside Carlos’ long history of tree surgery, the team’s hard work and effort lead to an expert level of service every time.

Don’t hesitate to call for a free quote and/or advice.

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