A large part of a tree surgeon’s job is, in one way or another, cutting or trimming trees, whether it be dead wooding (removing those parts of a tree that the tree has let die, which become a hazard as a result), pollarding (pruning a tree to keep it within specific height limits), or any one of many other specific services.

Why bring in a tree surgeon?

Practices like dead wooding and crown lifting in particular are best done by experts who can make sure they aren’t harming the tree’s structural integrity. Everything from tree felling right down to tree trimming is best done with attention paid to the safety of those who are near the tree (and those who will be) and the health of the tree and other vegetation surrounding.

Keeping Brighton’s Trees Healthy

It’s important to make sure this kind of maintenance is carried out regularly on trees in urban environments and gardens. Based out of Brighton as we are, we at Trees Understood offer free quotes and more information to interested parties throughout West Sussex. Why not get in touch today?

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