The trees in Hove make this part of Sussex a pleasant, leafy and green place to live, and one of the reasons it’s been so beautiful for so long is the tree population. When Carlos Daly settled here after two decades working as a tree surgeon on multiple continents, the landscape and the trees were a big part of the appeal.

That’s why Trees Understood was founded and dedicated to the care and maintenance of the trees in and around Brighton and Hove. Frequently hired by property management and letting agencies, the company offers a wide range of services including crown reduction, felling, pollarding, crown lifting, dead wooding and tree surveying.

We also supply and plant trees from 6ft fruit trees to 16ft broadleaves. With an experienced team, we are committed to finding the best solution whenever we’re called to advise, keeping these much-loved trees thriving and successful wherever possible.

We’re routinely called upon by some very respected clients who have put their trust in us and that support is borne out by our high rating on Check a Trade, a directory of tradesmen who’ve proven themselves expert and dependable. For a good sampling of how our work has been received you can also browse our testimonials.

Whatever the query you have about the health of any tree on your property, we encourage you to reach out to us for prompt, expert service.