Tree Felling

On the surface of things, tree felling may seem like a fairly simple process, but it can be very dangerous if not done properly. Imagine the damage that could be caused by a tree falling on your house or car! There are also the risks of improper chainsaw use to consider; amateur arborists are more likely to chop off a finger than a tree branch.

Here at Trees Understood, we are qualified and experienced and know exactly how to fell trees to ensure the minimum possible impact on the surrounding area.

Tree felling can be carried out at any time of year.

Why you may need to fell a tree:

  • The tree is dead, dying or dangerous
  • The tree is in a hazardous location
  • The tree stands in the way of construction work
  • The tree is suppressed by other larger trees which would benefit from its removal.
  • It is to be replaced by a healthy new young tree.
  • It is storm damaged or windblown.
  • If the tree is an unsuitable species for the location.

Whatever the reason you may have for removing a tree, rest assured that Trees Understood will know the most efficient and safest way to fell it.

The prices of tree felling can often vary quite greatly, depending on many factors including the size of the tree and its location. Please call today for a free quote.

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