While the best thing to do for a tree on your property will usually be something much less extensive – crown reduction, crown lifting, dead wooding, pollarding, and the like – sometimes when we’re called to a property, the right thing to do is remove the tree – and sometimes tree removal is the client’s wish.

Following a tree condition report or on request from the client, the trained and highly experienced team at Trees Understood will assess the tree’s lie and surroundings and develop a strategy to remove the tree with minimum risk and the least possible disturbance to the property.

We cannot recommend that anyone without this experience attempt to fell or otherwise remove a tree – you are likely to be a safety risk to yourself and to others. A professional tree surgeon understands exactly how a given tree will respond to a given action, allowing them to safely manage the tree’s descent and removal.

If you’re looking to have a tree removed anywhere in Brighton & Hove or West Sussex, get in touch with Trees Understood for swift response, excellent service, and experienced, skilled work.