Tree pruning covers a wide range of tree work operations but usually means less rather than more, and the main types are covered in other sections: Crown reduction, Crown thinning, and Crown lifting.

Pruning is usually associated with shrubs, but tree pruning involves removing a small percentage of the outer crown to reduce the overall size of the canopy using handsaws & secateurs or to selectively remove some inner branches to thin the canopy.

Pruning fruit trees involves spur pruning which is cutting back the new upright shoots to 2 or 3 buds from the main framework (woody stems) once a year or for tip bearing varieties of apple (e.g. Bramley) every 3 years.

This decreases the yield but improves the quality.

Trees Understood are experienced and can offer advice on what time of year to prune as each species of trees has different requirements. Not all trees NEED pruning to promote healthy growth. We also have to assess the tree’s vitality before pruning as the tree may not have enough stored energy to regenerate following pruning.

If you believe your trees may need pruning and your property is within Sussex, please get in touch. With over a quarter century’s experience, we know we can help you.