Tree Surgery and Arboriculture in Brighton and throughout East & West Sussex

We have been established as an arboricultural company in Brighton for more than a decade, working across Sussex on jobs ranging from advising on planting and maintaining one tree to huge commercial ventures the size of a forest.

Take a look at our video where we required the assistance of a crane to perform a tree felling service. We always provide qualified professionals who are always insured for all types of tree surgery work.


We provide a range of tree care services:

• Crown reduction
• Crown thinning
• Crown lifting
• Tree pruning
• Tree felling
• Tree removal
• Arboricultural consultation and advice



To arrange a consultation feel free to contact us – by phone, email, or filling out our contact form. Full contact details are available on the contact page shown on the top menu or on the side of each page. Alternatively if you have an Emergency, call us now on 07789634045.

Emergencies include hanging or broken branches, fallen tree removal, trees about to fall or any other safety risk.

If you think a tree may be putting someone in danger, don’t hesitate to call, as we will always be able to provide advice and it’s always better to be on the safe side.

If you have a tree which needs looking after, give our team a call. We give free quotes for any requirement. We work with homeowners to maintain single trees in their gardens, we work with councils to manage urban trees, and we work with land owners to manage large wooded areas.